Arctic Security Public Opinion Survey

Increasingly, issues of Arctic security are the focus of public attention and debate. Whether it is media attention to Russian bombers, the recent announcement of moving forward on the Mackenzie Pipeline, or the increasing body of scholarly work suggesting that we are in the midst of a new cold war, the Arctic is receiving unprecedented attention from political leaders, policy makers, media and academics. Amidst this new prominence, there is a growing need to understand the preferences and priorities of the citizens whose countries include Arctic regions and from Arctic inhabitants themselves.

The Munk-Gordon Arctic Security Program has just published a new study that provides a timely empirical perspective on one of the salient emerging issues of the 21st century. How do various publics understand the issue of Arctic security? How does the public understand and frame Arctic issues? What guidance would the public offer decision makers as to their preferences and priorities, and what would they emphasize for consideration in policy making? Find the full report here.


About Ruth Richardson

I am the co-founder of Small Change Fund. I have worked in environmental philanthropy for 15 years. I recently went vegan. I love yummy, healthy food.
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