NAFC National Exploratory Process Website launches today

August 2, 2011 Ottawa, ON – The National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) is encouraging urban Aboriginal people to participate in the NAFC Exploratory Process project.

As the largest urban Aboriginal service delivery infrastructure, the NAFC is well placed amongst the cadre of National Aboriginal Organizations (NAO) to support the inclusion of urban Aboriginal people in the Exploratory Process. The NAFC is encouraging all urban and rural Aboriginal people to participate in this national initiative.

NAFC Executive Director Jeffrey Cyr explains, “The online information exchange will involve two distinct aspects. The first will provide urban Aboriginal people relevant information pertaining to the McIvor Case (Bill C-3) and the implementation of the ‘status’ application process. The second aspect will provide information pertaining to the ‘Exploratory Process’ and is interactive allowing visitors opportunity to provide their feedback on all aspects of membership, nationhood, identity and status. In the event an individual cannot attend an NAFC Exploratory Process dialogue session they can always come to the NAFC Exploratory Process website and participate. It’s a very user friendly website.”

The NAFC Exploratory Process consists of [regional] and community dialogue sessions and the NAFC online information exchange website. Both delivery models will provide an equal opportunity for Aboriginal people nationwide to give their thoughts, opinions and views on issues of First Nation membership, status, citizenship, identity and nationhood.

The NAFC Exploratory Process will conduct forty Friendship Centre dialogue sessions across the country in the coming months. These sessions will be open to Aboriginal people from local and other surrounding communities including local Aboriginal organizations. NAFC President Vera Pawis Tabobondung said, “A value that the NAFC has for these sessions is to provide safe and secure environments for urban Aboriginal participants to discuss and exchange thoughts and perspectives about membership, nationhood, status, etc. Visit the website to find out when an Exploratory Process dialogue session may be in your area.”

The NAFC is one of a handful of NAO’s conducting Exploratory Process projects; other NAO’s include the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) and the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC). The NAFC is looking forward to working cooperatively with all of the national Aboriginal partners and sister National Aboriginal Organizations (NAO). A series of national reports will be developed based on the dialogue sessions and data collected from the online exchange and a national report will be provided in December. The NAFC Exploratory Process will be online from August 2, 2011 until October 31, 2011.

The National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) is a network of 117 Friendship Centres and 7 Provincial/Territorial (PTA’s) nationwide that provide culturally enhanced programs and services to urban Aboriginal people. For half-a-century, Aboriginal Friendship Centres have provided essential services to First Nations, Métis and Inuit people living in urban and surrounding areas throughout Canada. Friendship Centres are Canada’s most significant off-reserve urban based Aboriginal service delivery infrastructures.

For more information:
NAFC Executive Director: Jeffrey Cyr (613) 563-4844 ext. 318
NAFC Policy Director: Conrad Saulis (613) 563-4844 ext. 323
NAFC Communications Officer: Ryan E. Barberstock (613) 563-4844 ext. 328


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