How can I help?

Over the past month,  after learning about the conditions that led Chief Theresa Spence to declare a statement of emergency in Attawapiskat, many of us find ourselves saying “how can I help?”

The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada is an open network to promote giving, sharing, and philanthropy in Aboriginal communities across the country.  Earlier this year in partnership with the United Way of Winnipeg, we released Aboriginal Philanthropy in Canada: A Foundation for Understanding.

While there are no specific answers to the question above in this document.  The research reinforced how important it is to increase the involvement of  First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples throughout the philanthropic and charitable sector to explore and expand opportunities for Aboriginal peoples to deliver and receive culturally appropriate services that are funded within indigenous models of philanthropy.

“Aboriginal” and “philanthropy” are not words that come together often in Canada – and we want to change that.

Stay tuned for e-learning opportunities and discussions on Aboriginal Philanthropy in Canada. Consider joining The Circle as a member today.

Here are two organizations where individual philanthropists can support change:

  • The Small Change Fund: there are a number of projects that have been developed by First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples and you can help them reach their fundraising goal.
  • As a volunteer or through a donation, work with Habitat for Humanity to support the Aboriginal Housing Program.
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