View our Water Workshop Report & Video

We are pleased to announce a report and video from Restoring the Life Blood: Water, First Nations and Opportunities for Change Workshop held in October 2011 is now available. Read below to sign up to e-learning 

If this is a topic you are passionate about, we are too!  Over 80% of participants want to continue the discussion and advance opportunities for collaboration, action and continued conversation. Both CEGN and the Circle are inviting interested individuals/organizations to participate in: 1) Water in Northern Communities Working Group (e.g.: issues such as the pressures in the Mackenzie Basin from oil sands, the Site C dam and northern resource development) 2) Addressing Potable Water Working Group (e.g.: drinking water) and/or 3)Water Governance Working Group. Please note, these are three streams that came through in the discussion at the workshop. The terms of references for the working groups and scope depends on participation. So please let us know if you are interested.

In addition,The ‘mechanics’ of philanthropic investment in First Nations communities were also the subject of discussion. There is confusion on the part of both funders and First Nations as to what extent First Nations are qualified donees as determined by the Canada Revenue Agency.  As a result CEGN and The Circle have partnered with the Canadian Law Information Program  to host a webinar on February 9, 2102 at 1:00-2:00 ET about:

Successfully funding First Nations communities in Canada in compliance with CRA guidance

Sign Up: Here 
Moderated by: Ruth Richardson, Founder Small Change Fund
Featuring: Mark Blumberg, Editor, Canadian Charity Law
Who Should Attend: First Nations Communities, Foundations, Members of the Circle.

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