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Past webinars hosted by The Circle

  1. On the Qualified Donee List? || Presenter: Susan Manwaring  || Date: June 22, 2012 || Time: 13:00 ET || Contact us for link to recording  ||
  2. Great idea, program or project? Funders share what they know ||  Date: September 13, 2012 || Time: 13:00 ET || Bios & Brief Intro |Webinar Presentations for: Dana VocisanoMario Gravelle and Dani LaGiglia
  3. Student Nutrition Programs: Partnerships in Canada that Grow|| Date: November 27 , 2012 || Time: 13:00o EST || Power Point Presentations for: Breakfast Clubs of Canada Presentation (1st Speaker), Breakfast for Learning Presentation (2nd Speaker), ONEXONE First Nations School Breakfast Program Presentation (3rd Speaker)

6-October-2011 | Restoring the Lifeblood: Water, First Nations and Opportunities for Change

As those living closest to the land, the lives of Indigenous peoples are intricately tied to Canada’s rivers and lakes, the lifeblood of the land. Sadly, many First Nations communities have been devastated by water pollution, depletion, diversion and other changes. Over one hundred First Nations communities consistently face a drinking water advisory. Resource development regularly impairs water bodies on which First Nations depend. At the same time, most governments fail to recognize First Nations water rights. While the challenges are substantial, there are many inspiring stories that show change is possible. These stories suggest a potentially powerful role for philanthropy in supporting and advancing First Nations leadership, capacity, and innovation in fresh water protection.

The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network hosted a two-day workshop entitled Restoring the Lifeblood: Water, First Nations and Opportunities for Change. Funders and representatives of First Nations shared critical water issues confronting Aboriginal communities across the country and to explored the opportunities for working together.

To read workshop report, click Restoring the Lifeblood: Summary Report (2011)

To read the background report, click Restoring the Lifeblood: Water, First Nations and Opportunities for Change (2011)

To read a summary of the highlights of the workshop, as well as recent developments surrounding these issues, please click Restoring the Life Blood: Summary.

TPhoto credit: Colin Mahony

11 May 2011Roundtable Aboriginal Land-Based and or Culturally Focused Education Innovations

The Circle hosted a roundtable discussion on 11 May 2011 on Aboriginal land-based and/or culturally-focused education innovations.  This discussion was held at the Native Education College, followed by a “meet and greet” welcome event for The Circle at the Grunt Gallery.  The Gallery was showcasing an exhibit by Haida artist Michael Yahgulaanas, who specializes in Manga-style modern interpretations of Haida motifs.

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