Governance and Finance

The Harvard Project
The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development is a programme of the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Through applied research and service, the Harvard Project aims to understand and foster the conditions under which sustained, self-determined social and economic development is achieved among American Indian nations.

National Centre for First Nations Governance
This new organization is designed to support First Nations as they seek to implement their inherent rights of self-government and second, it will assist First Nations in the further development of their day-to-day government operations.

Rethinking the Reserve
This week-long National Post series, which also includes interactive maps and audio interviews proposes solutions, some controversial, to problems that reserve-based Aboriginal communities have faced under the Indian Act.

Transferring Whose Knowledge? Exchanging Whose Best Practices?
This 2003 paper by Christopher Chandler and Marc Lalonde explores why First Nations “that are well on their way toward preserving or rehabilitating their threatened cultures, and have met with measurable success in recovering community control over their civic cultures” (self-government, etc.) have effectively eradicated the problem of youth suicide.

Where Does the Money Go? Report on Proactive Disclosure of Grants and Contributions for Aboriginal Peoples, 2006 – 2007
The 2006 – 2007 fiscal year is the first full year to which the Government of Canada’s disclosure system for Grants and Contributions over $25,000 applied. This report, produced by the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, explores the degree to which these grants and contributions are producing the expected results and whether the funding is being targeted towards the programs and people who have the greatest need. The analysis includes 6,199 grants and contributions to 2,054 recipients from 30 federal government departments for a total value of $5.6 billion. A listing of the identified recipients is included as an Appendix.